Random Effects



Welcome to the first Datapack in the Random Series.


In this pack, you will receive an effect every minutes. X being an interval of your choice. The levels of the effects will go up every time a new one is applied until level 11(we wouldn't want it getting too crazy). If you die, the effect will be cleared so if you find one particularly annoying just get yourself killed. 


You can set how often a new effect is applied using the /trigger command. There are two objectives that you can trigger: every and interval. Interval will allow you to decide the interval effects are applied. Options are 1, 5, 10, and 20. Setting it to anything else will not work. Each of these values is in minutes. Where 20 minutes is a full Minecraft day. The every trigger allows you to fine tune the interval. By setting it to 1 the effect will be applied every x minute(x being defined by the interval value). By setting it to 2 a new effect will be applied every other minute.


For example. If your interval is 1 and your every is 3, a new effect will be applied every 3 minutes. If your interval is 5 and every is 5 new effect will be applied every 25 minutes and so on.



Feel free to use this pack in whatever videos you want, and if you want to add more options for timing or whatever feel free to modify the pack as well. Just be sure to give credit. 

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