The Map Map


The Map Map is a map all about maps. Wow that sure was a lot of maps but it's true!


Test your knowledge of maps both new and old to see if you've been playing way too much Minecraft. You can tell yourself that you've just got really good deduction skills but that's a lie and we all know it.

This map features 90 other maps from something around 80 different creators(honestly I'm too lazy to count) so after you've finished playing be sure to check them out!


There are a total of 30 levels broken up int 4 Sections

  • 10 Match the Image to the Name Puzzles
  • 10 Odd Map Out Puzzles
  • 5 Order by Highest Downloads
  • 5 Order by Highest rating

Wow guess what that adds up to? 30 levels just like I said before!


I also have another map like this in the works but focused on creators instead so if you would like to see that be sure to rate and comment so I know to get that done faster.


Oh also pls

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