What's Missing

Welcome to What's Missing.

What's Missing is a fun matching game inspired by Trevor's What Doesn't Belong and iGrantastic's What Belongs.




First 10 Stages:

You will be given a set of 3 blocks and/or items and you job is to choose another block and/ore item that fits in that category. You will be given 9 options to choose from in your hotbar. Only one is correct and you will get the reason why once the level is completed.

Next 5 Stages:

You will be given a set of 3 mobs instead of blocks or items. Otherwise everything else is the same.

Next 5 Stages:

You will be given a set of 2 blocks and/or items. Everything else is the same.




This map relies heavily on player height. Please avoid jumping when submitting your answer!

Minecraft Version:




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