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A library, lost to time!

For over three centuries, a facility known as "The Library" has sat, vacant and collecting dust. Only one being is there to watch over it, and they've been alone for eons, with no hope of humanity returning - until you showed up!

A story-based maze map!

This map is a maze map, yes, but one driven entirely by story! Wander through these dusty halls, accompanied by the disembodied voices of the staff! Make your way through these literary ruins, your mission being to wake the employees up! Not only that, but it has two possible endings!

A map of the perfect length!

Not too short, not too long! There are 4 mazes within, each one presenting a different sort of challenge, yet not being impossibly difficult! The map itself takes around 30 minutes to play through, the perfect length for one or two sittings!

A lack of complex rules!

All you need to do is to have a certain render distance (12 or higher), to stay in adventure mode (the commands flop otherwise), make sure your brightness is at a comfortable level (not too dark!), to link the map if you're recording, and to have fun!!

A wishing of luck!

Good luck, and have fun meandering through these Abandoned Archives!

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