Bending Passages



Welcome to Bending Passages, the World's Largest Minecraft Maze!

It contains 64 unique "traditional" regions of the map, from the Alleys of the Blind to the Camo Corridors, they insure it won't get monotonous!

It contains 34 vertical water mazes, too, each with their own unique name! Depending on the person, these might be easier, or more difficult!

It contains 4 EXTRA maze sections for those who seek more of a challenge! They can be found at each of the four corners!

There are 3 different possible endings to the map!

-There's the regular ending, for those who solve the map
-There's the cheater's ending, for those who cheat the system
-There's the Super Epic Ending For Super Epic People, which is for those who complete the main map AND all four extra mazes!

For the making of this map, I would like to thank all the beta testers who gave awesome advice! Thanks, bmooney, Blaidd_Golau, Godo_Plays, Azam, and DarkLavaWolf for making this possible! I would also like to thank my little brother, who was cheering on from the sidelines! Thanks, bro!

"Oh but DeuxiemeCarlin," you might say, "isn't there a maze out there that was made by a guy named "heatborn" 5 years ago thats bigger?"

Well, at first glance, it would seem so! Their map is 298 x 298, while mine is 256 x 256. However, the extra components of my maze, the vertical and overlapping bits, cause mine to be a total of 94912 cells large, while theirs only amounts to 88804 cells. I did, however, go and solve their maze, as a way of paying respects to the previous record. You should go check it out!

Oh, and if I catch you making any of those "a-MAZE-ing" puns, i will come to your house and suck the marrow from your bones with a baguette.

Good luck, and have fun!

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