Bewildering Spire



This is a maze map, but not your ordinary maze map. No, this maze map is made entirely within the span of a single minecraft chunk! Not a block can be found outside the exact parameters of this 16 x 16 area, nor will you, the player, have to exit it at any point!

In terms of specifics to know about the map, there really isn't all that much.
-The map is more enjoyable with particles minimal, graphics fast, and clouds off.
-It is multiplayer compatible but the titles might be a bit messed up if the people are on different floors.
-The only rules are really not cheating, and if you're recording, linking the map page in the description.
-Playtime depends on the person, but I doubt it would take less than an hour.
-The first few floors, you'll probably breeze through, but the later ones will be more challenging.
-There are 33 floors in total, not counting the final or starting rooms.

If you find any bugs, please let me know! Have fun scaling this Bewildering Spire!

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