Labyrinthine Abduction

What is this map about?

In this map, you will find yourself guiding your avatar through increasingly difficult mazes, in an effort to save the lives of four random people! A grandmother, a strict history teacher, a teenager, and a small child all depend on you to finish this map so that they may be freed!


How long is this map?

Depending on your maze skill, it can take anywhere between 10 and 30 minutes! Not too short nor too long!


Is this map multiplayer compatible?

Yep! It supports as many players as you need, but for the sake of the narrative, you will be treated as one singular entity.


Are there any rules to follow?

I mean, don't cheat, set your render distance to at least 25, set particles to minimal, and link the map in the description if you're recording, and you should be fine!!


Anything else?

Nope! Have fun thwarting this Labyrinthine Abduction!

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