Torturous Rivulets



Don’t play this map.

No, like seriously. Don’t play this map. Go find a better one, one that’s actually enjoyable. Don’t waste your time on this. Go play one of my other maps, or pick some other map in “new maps”, I beg of you. Daedalic Abduction was good. So was Winter Solstice. Go play one of them, not this. I know, it sounds like im trying to use reverse psychology on you, get you to play the map by telling you not to, but no. I’m being 100% serious with this. Any time you spend on this map is time you will never get back.


This is not a map. This is a torture device.

I’m not exaggerating, this is a map only in name. I made it for a map jam, the theme for which was “One Room”, but it’s still just a maze with some credits and rules and whatnot slapped on. And those rules, they aren’t even all that solid. Yeah, you’re gonna want to make sure the texture pack is working, and that your render distance isn’t insanely low. I also said not to cheat but frankly if you get more enjoyment out of flying around it in spectator mode, go ahead. I aint stoppin ya. But seriously, this map took me over 3 hours to test, and I built the darned thing. The only reason I enjoyed it was because I had the movie “Rio” playing on loop on the other monitor.


Spare yourself.

Seriously, I don’t even know why I’m publishing it. Probably because a complete listing of my maps would not feel complete without this abomination, simply because it technically is a map. So please, PLEASE, do not play this map. Sure, it looks good on paper, a big ol maze spanning an entire room, but in execution? It’s evil incarnate. Just. Don’t even bother with it.


Please, have fun doing ANYTHING other than attempting to traverse these Torturous Rivulets

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