Winter Solstice



According to the Inuit, the Ijiraq is a shape-shifting winter spirit. It lures people out into the cold, and abandons them to a freezing death. On Winter Solstice, the longest night of the year, it hunts. In modern times, many attribute this legend to pockets of sour gas and hallucinations, but what if it wasn't?


This story follows a group of 5, who have each encountered the Ijiraq at some point in their life. Together, they sit, in a warm cabin, the tundra outside cold and unforgiving. Each of them has a story to tell, and each of them will before daybreak. And by the time the night is through, perhaps they will have another story...



-Elliot is the owner of the cabin, and the person who organized the meeting. He is an enigmatic, yet enthusiastic individual with a habit of wearing sunglasses wherever he goes.


-Ms. Wilson is an English teacher with a flair for the dramatics. A sceptic of the supernatural only until she sees it for herself. She loves a good story.


-Aiden is a nervous, stuttering college student who probably should be studying for his exams. He's the kind to believe anything you tell him, no matter how far-fetched.


-Dr. Melvin is an eccentric ornithologist, with a slight obsession with owls. He met up with the group for a reason.


-Rosa is an author with no tolerance for nonsense. She's the kind of level-headed one gets when functioning on 3 hours of sleep and 7 cups of coffee.


Together, they will make this a night that none will forget.



The only rules are to stay in survival, set your render distance to 20, and to not leave the house.


Enjoy your Winter Solstice! (:

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