This is Variety. A map where you can play eight different game modes at any time you want with 1-4 players. You can leave levels at any time and go back to them later and start different game modes at different times. You have a lot of freedom on this map. Listed below are the different game modes and the levels that they have.


Maze - (9 Levels)

Parkour - (9 Levels)

Find the Button - (9 Levels)

Puzzle - (9 Levels)

Dropper - (9 Levels)

Trivia - (10 Questions)

Escape - (1 Mansion)

Combat (11 Mobs + 1 Boss)


This map is challenging. There is a walkthrough if you have trouble, and also don't worry if you mess up in Escape or Combat, because you can fully reset them in the "Reset Room" (located in the main lobby). Hope you have fun!

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In spot the difference the signs with oulwp are different. one has the letter on the top line, the other has the letters on the second line


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