EconomyPlus 5.0 Beta


📷 And some additional changes and bug fixes.

Installation Guide

1. Download the .zip file 2. Extract/unzip the file 3. Drop the unzipped file into .minecraft/saves/world_name/datapacks 4. In the world, type /reload 5. Then, type /function config:admin_settings

User Guide

You must be an OP and have Game mode Set to Creative to do the following. • Use Function Commands • Use OP Settings Note: You can't place down Shop Signs within a Spawn Protected area, players will not be able to interact with the Shop Signs (Only OPs)

Shop Guide

1. Open OP Settings. 2. Choose any type of Shop Sign. 3. Place down the Shop Sign. 4. Right click the sign with any item. 5. Choose how many to sell/buy, how many it can sell/buy at any time and how much to cost. Tips- Once you're in the OP Settings menu, to navigate you have to right click. - Once you've chosen price or quantity etc.. you right click in the middle to set it.

Currency Drop Guide

You can get Currency from the following (Disabled by default, can be turned On/Off in OP Settings • Killing Hostile Mobs • Killing Neutral Mobs • Chopping Wood • Farming Food • Mining Ores • Fishing Currency drop is NOT automatically given to the player, it drops as any other loot and has to be picked up, once it's picked up you will then receive the money. You can change them individually at data/directory/loot_tables (block), (entity) & (fishing) You change the min & max to whatever you want the currency drop to be. Mobs $ Ores $ Wood $ Farming $ Fishing $ Blaze   5-10 Coal 0-1 Acacia 0-1 Melon 0-3 Fish 3-8 Cave_Spider 0-3 Iron 0-2 Birch 0-1 Beetroots 0-3 Junk 0-5 Drowned 3-8 Gold 1-4 Dark_Oak 0-1 Carrots 0-3 Treasure 10-20 Elder_Gurardian 16-32 Diamond 3-5 Jungle 0-1 Cocoa 0-1 Ender_Dragon 500-1000 Emerald 4-7 Oak 0-1 Potatoes 0-3 Enderman 5-15 Lapis 0-2 Spruce 0-1 Wheat 0-3 Endermite 0-3 Nether_Quartz 1-3 Pumpkin 0-3 Evoker 5-15 Redstone 1-3 Ghast 3-8 Guardian 3-8 Husk 3-8 Illusioner 5-15 Magma 0-3 Phantom 0-5 Pillager 3-10 Player 10-20 Ravager 10-20 Shulker 3-7 Silverfish 0-3 Skeleton 3-8 Slime 0-3 Spider 3-8 Stray 3-8 Vex 0-3 Vindicator 3-9 Witch 3-10 Wither_Skeleton 3-10 Wither 300-500 Zombie_Pigman 3-10 Zombie_Villager 1-8 Zombie 4-8 - Regular drop for mobs have not been given a restriction for Silver Coin. - Rare drop for mobs have a 1 in a 10 chance of dropping a Gold Coin. - Regular drop for blocks have a 1 in a 10 chance of dropping a Silver Coin. - Rare drop for blocks have a 1 in a 100 chance of dropping a Gold Coin.


Triggers Description /trigger commands Gives you a list of all commands. /trigger withdraw Withdraws currency from your bank. (Must be close to Bed or Bank) /trigger deposit Deposits currency to your bank. (Must be close to Bed or Bank) /trigger pay Pays the closest player within 10 blocks. /trigger bank Displays your bank balance. /trigger balance Displays your balance. /trigger auction Auctions your chosen item with a starting bid. (Must be close to Auction) /trigger bid set (amount) Bids a auctioned item. (Must be above current price and close to Auction) /trigger sell Sells your item to the closest player within 10 blocks. /trigger buy Buys a item from the closest player within 10 blocks. /trigger loan Loans Currency, max $1000 with a fee every 30m. (Must be close to Bank) /trigger debt Displays your debt balance. /trigger credit Pays off your debt. (Must be close to Bank) /trigger travel Let's you Travel Home, Shop, Bank, Auction or Spawn. (Has a use timer) /trigger settings Opens your personal settings. /trigger market   Creates own Player Shops. (Place any sign and stand within the same block)

Trading Coins

Trading, Gold Coin & Silver Coin (These two types of custom items is a way for players in your Minecraft server to trade Currency) Note: Due to the updated version of Shop & Currency, this feature is no longer needed, they're still there for Role-Players to play with.

Servers Using Shop & Currency- Treasure Islands: Shanties&Scallywags Want to support my work in a different way? 📷 📷 Here's two of this Datapack coder's YouTube channel, please check them out! 📷

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