Escape the Library



You are a treasure hunter who is transported to the mythical library of Apocrypha, where deadly challenges and mind-melting puzzles guard bountiful stocks of gold and diamond!


This map features...

- 8 unique puzzles to test your knowledge of Minecraft's mechanics!

- "64 blocks of the finest diamond", up for grabs for those who complete every puzzle!

- 55 gold blocks scattered across the library. How many can you find?

- Estimated 2 hours of gameplay!

- How many endings? Definitely just 1...

Important Note: This map is intended for ONE(1) player only!


Recommended Settings:

- Render Distance: 5 chunks or more

- Brightness: +50 or more




- Updated for Minecraft 1.16.3!

- Regular gunpowder from Brewery no longer triggers the Spirit Ashes effect.

- Added button to the cage in the piglin exhibit of the Museum to prevent players from getting stuck in the cage.

- The Key can now break Black Glazed Terracotta.

- Fixed bug where entrance to Nether Spire puzzle was prematurely blocked.



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