The Bone Zone

Sir Madrigal, a well known and respected poet, has been afflicted by the terrible and unbreakable Writer’s Block. Such a block cannot be broken by a pickaxe, but rather, by a poem. However, due to the blocks’ properties, Sir Madrigal is finding trouble putting together the right words for his poem. You, his trusty skeleton Butler, Garamond, must travel into the Bone Zone (which is to say, your own mind) and solve puzzles to figure out lines for the poem.

This is a colored-tile puzzle based heavily on the one from Undertale. However, this map bears little to no affiliation with the game, and your experience will be unaltered whether or not you have played it.


- Singleplayer

- Version 20w18a

- Eight sections

- Nineteen levels

- Between one and two hours of playtime

Minecraft Version:




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