Which Truly Doesn't Belong



Like the many before me, I was inspired by the man the myth the legend Trevor, and his map Which Doesn't Belong to create my own iteration of the concept. So, I present to you


Which Truly Doesn't Belong!!!


The map features 5 sections, each getting more difficult, in which you must, in some form, pick which item, block, mob, or structure doesn't fit in with the rest of them.


I wanted this map to feel unique in its own right, so instead of death, the punishment for mistakes is a No-No Point. As you progress, mistakes cost more and more No-No Points, so you have to be careful. The more No-No Points you have, the worse you are doing.


Hopefully you enjoy, and hopefully my reasonings aren't too out there.


UPDATE: For the very last room, the levers should be flipped in the opposite direction than what the sign says.

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