[Liontack's] Small mazes



This map consists of 24 9x9 'maze' levels and a slightly bigger finale 'maze'. You just have to find a path across in each room.

The rooms are not ordered from easy to hard, but the difficulty lies in the last 3 rooms.


This is a one player map and takes about 30 - 60 minutes. All particles must be turned to solve a few puzzles.


I'm not feeling all too great, so I started this easier-to-create map. I hope you all think it's still fun.

A parkour map in a similar style will come soon to a map provider website near you!


Again, I would like to ask for any feedback. What did you like and what didn't you like? Did you encounter a bug? Let me know in a comment.

If you made a video playthrough, please post it here. I love to see people play the map.

Finally, don't forget to rate the map ;)


Update 2.0

I tweaked the checkpoints in the last room. There are a few more and you now get a message when you hit a checkpoint.

The treasures should be a little easier to spot and reach.

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Great Map! I just couldn't solve the arrow one ;-;


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