In a Matter of Seconds

In a Matter of Seconds


This map is about collecting keys and getting down as fast as you can with only 45 seconds on the clock. Throughout the map, there are items that help you achieve this and to trial and error, you will manage to get down in time. Your first run should take about 10 to 15 minutes. But if you really wanna set a fast time you definitely have to spend some more time on it.

The map is a combination of time-based speedrunning, with a bit of parkour and dropper like elements. It has a very unique playstyle and I personally haven't seen anything like it. If there is something like it please let me know.

Single player only!

Recommended Settings:
- Render distance: 8/16
- Brightness: max
- Jukebox Sound: ON at whatever % if you like some sick royalty-free tunes.

I think that should be the basics of the map if there are any bugs or problems let me know. Also, be sure to post the score you manage to get. This made is made in such a way that even I don't know what the best root is and therefor even I don't know the max score you can get.

Special thanks to everyone who playtested the map over on my discord server. Without their feedback, it would be a lot worse.

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Nice map was able to get my time down to 15 seconds and 5 ticks left

Thank you, happy to hear you like it. As far as I'm aware the current record is 22 seconds and 8 ticks. But still, 15 seconds and 5 ticks is pretty impressive.




Nice map was able to get my time down to 15 seconds and 5 ticks left


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