One of you drives a massive mech with missiles and lasers while the remaining players tries to stop them... not really a fair fight but the player team does have a number advantage!


The mech drives the mech by holding an item in their offhand, he also has a TNT Dropper for short range attacks, a Laser gun for mid-range attacks, and a TNT launcher for long range attacks. He can also jump with an item.


The players start with a bow that deals a single point of damage, and the mech's health varies with players playing (In a 1v1 scenario, it is 24). This may seem too hard but remember, the mech is 7 blocks tall and it's kind of hard to miss your shot. You can find armor and blocks in chests. You can also find materials to craft injectors, you can use these to craft Health, Power and Resistance Injectors. Health gives you health, Power triples your damage for 15 seconds, and Resistance makes you immune to explosions for 10 seconds.

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