Make players drop their own head when killed by another player


Older Versions

1.14 and above: use the link above

1.13: Click here


What it does


Makes players drop their own head if they are killed by another player.

The head will drop at the location the player was killed at.


How to set up

Version 2.0 (1.14) and above:

Download the zip file and place it into your world/datapacks folder. If the world is already running, run /reload. That's all you need to do.


Version 1.0 (1.13):

After the datapack has been added to your world, it still needs some manual editing for it to work with your own skulls. Open up the file data/headdrop/functions/drop.mcfunction and add one of the following lines for each of your players, obviously replacing Playername with the actual name of the player:

execute at @a[scores={headDeath=1..},name=Playername] run summon item ~ ~ ~ {Item:{id:player_head,Count:1,tag:{SkullOwner:Playername}}}


Additional Info


Skulls that are dropped like this won't stack with the ones that have been placed and broken again, because the game converts the name of the SkullOwner into the texture.




If you have any questions, concerns, praise or found a bug, you can contact me directly at contact@plagiatus.net or use my contact form.

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