Pumpkin Party Remastered


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This map is a remaster of the original Pumpkin Party (1.10/1.11/1.12), which significantly improves on the original map with more difficulties, more settings, better balancing, better gamedesign and MORE COSTUMES!!


Pumpkin Party Remastered is a map featuring 6 minigames and lots of costumes, for hours of fun!
1 - 11 players

Play the minigames individually or start a Party to compete against your friends in an epic showdown of all six minigames.

This map requires the use of a resource pack, which is linked inside the map for convenience. It can also be downloaded directly here.

The six minigames are:
- Spider Run
- Pumpkin Carving
- Graveyard Mayhem
- Shooting Gallery
- Brewing Contest
- Trick or Treat

This map has Costumes, Minigames, Candies, EasterEggs... Nothing more to be desired. Have fun competing with your friends :)


Important information for players with third party server software (bukkit / spigot / paper / etc):
The servers default settings might have a setting that causes armorstands to be unloaded very close to the player, which breaks at least two games. To fix it, in spigot.yml change entity-activation-range for misc to something large like 160, or 16 times your servers render distance (which should probably be at around 10). Also, make sure that commandblocks are turned on in the server settings.


Legal Notice and Terms of Usage

You're free to play the map in videos, livestreams or anything else,
as long as you copy-paste the following credit into your video
Mapname: Pumpkin Party Remastered
Mapmaker: Plagiatus, dragonmaster95
Mapdownload: https://www.curseforge.com/minecraft/worlds/pumpkin-party-remastered
Mapmakers website: https://plagiatus.net
Mapmakers twitter: https://twitter.com/realplagiatus

It would also be nice of you to show our credits area in your video, we worked long and hard on this map, it's the least you can do. If you don't follow these rules, I reserve the right to claim your video (drastic I know, but some people just never learn...)

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