Crushed For Time




Crushed For Time is a Singleplayer Speedrun map in the style of Henzoid's 10^2 maps. To win you must complete 6 challenges in 80 seconds- failure to do so will only restart the map.


Important Note: You have 80 seconds to complete the map. I've made an error elsewhere, claiming players to have 180 seconds and some noticed that the 80 seconds sure does not feel like three whole minutes. You do not have 180 seconds. You have 80 seconds.


Here are some key differences between Crushed For Time and similar maps:

1. To manually reset the map you must open your inventory and drop the barrier

2. Added sounds are on the Voice Slider

3. Jumping into the void should not kill you

4. Instead of collecting levers you'll only need to worry about completing sections- the game takes care of unlocking the center door for you.


The map should take the average player anywhere from twenty minutes to an hour to complete successfully. The game is 1.15.2+... or in other words: you can play in any version of Minecraft Java Edition so long as it's higher than 1.15.1.


Big thank you to Swaeshy, Daminkon, and BlueStone123 for helping test the game.

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