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There's Nothing To See Here! So feel free to look elsewhere for entertainment. This game I made over five hours, there's no tutorial, and you're going to lose over and over and over again while playing.


Okay, Okay, Peeling back the facade... this game is also known as "One Function" and it's a short and unfair map. You're not told what to do, you have only two minutes to do it, and if you take damage or run out of time the map restarts itself. The entire game runs on one function (which can be found in the world's datapack folder) and to activate it you literally have to leave the game. If you're a youtube and need some quick clickbait this is the game for you! Simply load up the world and show your viewers what magic happens when you leave and rejoin without a jump-cut. Entirely different map! :surpised_pikachu_face:

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