What doesn't belong

In this map you have to decide which block/mob doesn't belong!


I don't really know how I should describe it further, so...


How can I play this map?

0. Download the map :P

1. Just extract the rar folder with a program like "WinRAR"

2. Start the server. If you are running on windows, use "start.bat", otherwhise the "start.sh" should work

3. Start Minecraft 1.15.2

4. Connect to the server ""

5. Have fun :P


Another Whats Doesn't belong?

Yes, another one. But this one is made with plugins and not with command blocks.


Why is it made with plugins?

I don't really know anythign about command blocks but wanted to do a What Doesn't Belong Map, so I need an alternative.

Minecraft Version:




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Unfortunately the download link does not work any more. I was really curious if this was a spigot, paper or forge local server or something else. This map was quite unique!


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