An Amazing Journey 2: Redstone Boogaloo



This is my second map, originally released in 2015. There are seven brand new mazes, five of which are inspired by levels from Super Mario 64, just like in the previous map. Try to guess which levels they are this time around. The other two mazes are completely unique and are only inspired by whatever random ideas happened to be circling around in my head at the time.


For those who have played the first map, there is one key difference between this map and its predecessor. In this map, the mazes surround a central hub where you'll have to use diamonds to gain access to more mazes (with the exception of two of the mazes).


Fans of Super NES RPGs will be quite familiar with the cozy little town that makes up this central hub...


Note, the version of the map on this site does not contain the Resource Pack. There is another version of the map online that does contain the Resource Pack.

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