An Amazing Journey 3: Endergame



Finally, after 5 long years (on and off), the third entry in my Amazing Journey series has been released! It all started as a means of expressing my creative side by creating 3D mazes with puzzles inspired by Super Mario 64. What is in this map is a collection of almost every single thing that has inspired me creatively throughout my life.

Here's a list of what to expect in this map:

  • 7+ mazes
  • Several puzzles within each maze
  • A conclusion to the ongoing story from the first two maps
  • Interesting characters that communicate with the players through signs and books found in "dialog boxes" (chests)
  • Well over 100 collectables
  • Played in Adventure mode (with rules)
  • Tested in 1.15.2 (a bug in 1.16+ prevented me from building the map in that version of Minecraft)
  • Although not tested for multiplayer, 2 could probably play without much difficulty, maybe more
  • At least 10-12 hours of gameplay, if you plan on getting all the collectables
  • 63-page manual (yay?)

Note, the version of the map on this site comes with a reduced Resource Pack. There is another version of the map online that comes with a more robust Resource pack.

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