Blockception Parkour 3




Blockception parkour is back and even bigger! But this time with three giga blocks and an Online Leaderboard!


Jump across a map made inside a giant Diamond Ore, giant Fletching Table and a giant Structure Block made out of Blocks which are also made out of block.


This map has an online leaderboard where you can submit your time and compare it to the rest of the community. You'll be given a link in the chat once you completed the map. NB: The website might break.


This map also have effect blocks such as:

  • Jump Boost (Blue Concrete)
  • Speed (Lime Concrete)
  • Slow falling (Gray Concrete)
  • Blindness (Black Concrete)
  • "Yeeter" (Magenta Glazed Teracotta)


Difficulty: Easy - Normal

Estimate time to complete: 30mins - 1h30

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I really like this map. I just didn't like the maxium jumps with slow falling, they are too hard for me XD. I unfortunatly gave up on the triple (speed, jump, slow falling) in fletching table with 200 deaths and 40 minutes. The "Yeeter" blocks are weird. They also did not get an introduction sign; a sign telling you what they do. All in all a great map!


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