Sleepless Night

✧ The Campfire

The campfire is the heart of your camp and is the only way to survive through the night. Without the campfire near you, you'll slowly start freezing until eventually, you die, so make sure it doesn't extinguish! To achieve this cut-down trees, bring their branches to the sawmill, and replenish the campfire with the sticks you obtain this way.


✧ The Mine

If you have the campfire under control, perhaps it's time to seek out the mines. In the mines you can secure valuable gold ores, which a nearby smeltery turns into gold nuggets for you - these can be used to buy new upgrades back at your camp. One upgrade, for example, lets you cut down trees faster!


✧ The Enchanting Table

One important feature of this map, however, has been left out so far: Spells. Each player can use two spells to increase their likelihood of surviving the night, and, the Enchanting Table gives you a chance to improve them. It converts mob loot into magic orbs, which are used to enhance spells.


✧ The Lake

One last essential factor of survival is food. The lake offers a great opportunity for fishing, and the campfire can cook fish for you. Additionally, berry bushes are scattered around woods, providing a decent food supply.


✧ Leaderboard

If you submit a video of you playing this map, we will add you over on our website. More information there.


✧ Full Credit

A Tsjo43 Project

Map by McTsts, marhjo & Ds43m

Extended with the help of Asometric, BartTheBart & federick

Minecraft Version:




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