Monsters paradise

  1. Fight mobs in a large open area. Build and defend your own unique village. Kill mobs and get emeralds to trade/buy better and better equipment. Try to complete all main quests without losing to win a game. Download this map to find out if you are good enough! This map will at very least give you 2hours of fun experience.
  2. +62 different buildings for you to explore.

+3 fun and unique gamemodes.

+A useful tutorial that will help you get started.

+Multiplayer friendly+Over 42 different quests.

+Neutral disasters, Events, Custom mob abilities, Bosses and more.

+An advanced wave system and detailed fight area.

+Many mob levels and equipment upgrades.

+Infinite game time.                                                 

 +completely customize your game.

  1. Have fun and be nice.

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