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Honey Missile Wars



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Honey Missile Wars

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'Honey Missile Wars' is a remake of the popular map Missile Wars created by SethBling and Cubehamster.
The objective is to blow up the enemy team's nether portal.
Launch missiles towards the enemy walls and ride on them to infiltrate their defenses!


✧ New Missiles

Honey Missile Wars includes 16 new missiles!

  • Classic: The original five missiles from Missile Wars, unchanged.
  • Classic Honey: The original five missiles, but with honey instead!
  • Explosive: Five new missiles including a mobile TNT launcher, bomber, and a highly explosive Flat-Head!
  • Rush: Five new missiles including a super long Bridge, speedy missiles, and a somewhat-safe Transport capsule.
  • All Missiles: A mode with all 20 missiles from the other sets, plus a bonus Shield Missile!


✧ New Arenas

Honey Missile Wars includes 10+ new arenas, plus the standard flat walls from the original game.

Some slight variations on the original include Hill, Valley, Slope, and Cliff. For some more crazy arenas, try out Wall, Island, Bridge, or even Hardcore!


✧ Items

There's also several items that can be obtained in this map!

  • Elytra: Enable this game setting to play with an elytra! Only catch is that it lasts just three seconds before breaking. Careful!
  • Bow & Arrow: The basic bow with flaming arrows. Honey Missile Wars includes a new "Explosive Arrows" feature for even more boom!
  • Shield: Throw this handy shield to deploy a missile-proof barrier!
  • Fireball: Launch a ball of fire to destroy an incoming fleet of missiles, or even snipe the nether portal through a gap!
  • Grenade: New to Honey Missile Wars, this close-range timed bomb provides a consistent way to terminate inbound missiles.


✧ Game Settings

You can also adjust the Game Settings to enhance your experience!

  • Wall Missiles: The original Missile Wars allows placing missiles inside the enemy's walls, sometimes even through the nether portal. In Honey Missile Wars, we've introduced a setting to disable this. If this setting is disabled, you won't be able to place missiles inside the enemy team's portal, and you'll have to blow up the portal.
  • Elytras: As mentioned above, enable this setting to unlock the 3-second elytra!
  • Explosive Arrows: Enable this option to make arrows explode on impact!
  • Jump Boost: Jump up high and land on missiles more easily!
  • Speed Boost: Not the most interesting setting, but it lets you move faster!
  • Fall Damage: Turn off Fall Damage in order to do those big plays!


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