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the_Rooms Episode I, is a simple puzzle map, however doesn't contain your normal piston puzzle mechanics. Instead this map offers mechanics not available with just redstone, but rather requires command blocks. It contains many filled maps that looks like images. Meet many wacky characters which whom you don't interact with at all! Watch as you lose your mind and soul when you are trapped inside the_Rooms. Custom Items, new and improved puzzles that may seem familiar, but have a new twist!

Starting the Map:
I recommend that if you start the map you read the book that will be provided! The book can remind you of what to do in certain situations (also it is apart of the map). This map is singleplayer only, but multiplayer friendly (meaning that if you are on a server and a friend joins, the map won't break with them joining, but they still can't play)!

I will admit, the in-game hints aren't as good as I wanted them to be. However, here is a video that shows you how to complete the map!
Video Link:

Step_by_Step Guide on how to beat the_Rooms.

Step 1: Find the Barrel located in one of the corners. Use the Wooden Sword to break the cobwebs. Use the Pebble to break the white stained glass. Retrieve the feather out of the white stained glass. Grab the dead bush out of the flower pot.

Step 2. Find 3 crafting recipes. Craft the dead bush into sticks. Then take 3 sticks and 3 string and craft a bow. Finally craft one arrow. Shoot the unlit torch so it lights up, which opens the next room.

Step 3. Grab the Stone Head out of the furnace in the ceiling. Run back to the first room and throw it on top of the cobblestone block. Go down the ladder after the block breaks.

Step 4: The red concrete controls the red particles. The yellow concrete controls the yellow particles. The green concrete controls the green particles. The blue concrete controls the blue particles. The water head releases some water. Make the water stream turn the concrete powder into concrete in this order: Red, Yellow, Green, Blue.

Step 5: Go back to room 2 (check experience bar for room #). Place the maps onto the item frames in the order:
L A T C H. That will give you a tripwire_hook labeled latch. Go back to the first room.

Step 6: Throw the Latch onto the door like structure (two trapdoors one on top the other. Go through into the next room.

Step 7. Place the book down onto the Lectern. Read the second riddle provided. It basically says, that a seven needs to be shown in the room you are standing in to have something open. The only thing that has numbers is the book, which are the page numbers in the book. Change the book to page 7.

Step 8: Go back to room 2, and walk up to the now opened vent. Crawl through and get to the other side. Press the buttons to shift the floor blocks. Have them line up with the other side. If you can't do it follow the video guide or go into creative mode. Once done, the music will play and an eye of ender will be given to you.

Step 9: Go to room 2, and place the eye of ender in the end portal frame. The eyes will move and open up a new room.

Step 10: Go into the next room. Notice how the maps cannot line up. Remove all the maps, except for the one you cannot remove. The map you can't remove is your starting map. Place the maps until the picture lines up. Once done 7 iron will spawn. Find the other recipe that is located in the room. Craft the cauldron in the first room. Place the cauldron in the first room, under where the dripping is.

Step 11: A rabbit has spawn in the map. Simple. Find Mr. Bun Bun and kill him. What? You have no soul anyways. Throw Mr. Bun Bun's Foot into the Cauldron. Jump into the cauldron to gain jump boost and go to room 3 (the room with the water puzzle) and jump up into the hole in the ceiling. Jump down into the next room.

Step 12: Trade your stone button for a Golden Hoe. Go back up by going into the corners with the particles. Go to Room 2 and place the golden hoe into the furnace. Grab the golden nugget and go back to the villager. Trade the villager for the chest.

Step 13: Place down the chest right where the villager was. Grab all the contents from the chest. Find the recipe in the room. Go back up by going into the corners with the particles. Bring the unfired clay to the furnance, and get the bricks out of the furnace. Craft the two pots. Go back to the Flower Map Room. Place all of the flowers down in their correct location. In the room with the villager you have to place down the pots before you place the plants.

Step 14: Once done with the return to the Flower Map room. A map should have spawned if you did it right. Get the map and place it into the empty item frame in room 2. Grab the Match and light the campfire. Go into the next room and read the sign.

Step 15: The sign states to go to room 2 and find something that holds time. If you check all of room 2, you find nothing. However by switch the M item frame upside down, the word Match becomes the word Watch (insert Spongebob Mini Wumbo reference). Bring this watch to the new room and drop it.

Step 16: The room is a parkour room! Fun!. Basically follow the video to see how it is done, but this is mainly a skill section, therefore hints cannot be helpful. Once you finish the parkour place the clock in the item frame. You fall down and find out that it is a clock with a bell. Simple. Ring the Bell once. This will show the location of a invisible Pillager.

Step 17: Find the Pillager in the water puzzle room. You can randomly punch to find it. The book you get is a mock Copy of the other guide book. Place it on the opposing side of the mirror rooms. If you read the other puzzle, it says that once both pages are placed you have to find the pages in each book that are identical. So make sure both pages are set to Page 3. This will open the trapdoor leading to the final room.

Step 18: Crawl through the vents and when you get to the other room, hit the button on the ceiling. You will be given a poppy and the room is a code. Each part of the code can be found on player heads in their respective room. For the black code, you will have to either change your perspectives (F5) or get jump boost to see it. For the purple code, you will have to travel through ghosts blocks to find it. Don't worry you just have to find the part of the wall that is indented.

Step 19: Once you collected all of the numbers for the code. It will be the number "3928417". Rename the poppy to this number and place it into the dropper. The door will break revealing Cuddle's Grave. Take Cuddle's head out of the chest and place it in the spot you took the feather in the first rooms. Cuddles will speak and the place you feel down from will open back up. It will give you levitation and you will be at the area before the boss battle.

Step 20: Memorize the two recipes (but they are also provided in the boss battle). Click the button to go into the boss battle. Look at Cuddles Eyes. If the right eye becomes red, head to the left side of the stage, if the left eye becomes red head to the right side of the stage. When both eyes are red, the middle two platforms will be bombed!. Make sure you grab the items that Cuddles drop. After the stage when both eyes become red, the Custom Crafting Table will spawn on the side. Be careful! The Custom Crafting Table only lasts for long enough to craft one item, so you will have to wait for another cycle. When you craft a bow and arrow, fire at Cuddles Eyes when they turn into End portal gates. You know when you have successfully hit his eyes when they turn into Magma blocks. When both of his eyes are magma blocks he loses a health point, and the next level of the cycle is available.

Step 21: After you damage Cuddles the cycle resets again. So you have to make it through the eggs part again. After the eggs part. The next cycle will activate. During this stage, Cuddles eyes will change into three colors, and those colors are the colors of the platforms you are on. Those three colored platforms will be destroyed, so you have to get to the color he did not choose. Then a second round of that happens, but it is faster than before. Once you get past that segment shoot both of his eye, just like before, and damage him.

Step 22: The cycle resets again, so you have to make it through the eggs and platform breaking section again. After that the final section will start. In this section, an Invisible Vindicator spawns riding on a bee. There will also be a bell that spawns and despawns. You have to hit the bell, with a arrow, early and let it ring out. It will show where the Vindicator is by making it glow. Simply shoot the Vindicator and kill it. Once you have done that you will get 3 prismarine shards and a map of a recipe for a trident. The cycle will reset after a bit of the Vindicator part. Once it resets you have to wait for the Custom Crafting Table to show up during part one of the boss battle (the part with the eggs).

Step 23: Once you have made the trident throw it at Cuddles. You kill Cuddles and slap him with Enough lightning to just perfectly roast him. You did it! You have beaten the map! Congrats!

Testers: *thank you guys for putting through with me having you guys test it over, and over, and over, and over, and over, and over, and over, and over, and over, and over, and over, and over, and over, and over, and over, and over, and over, and over, and over....

- XxAlcatraZxX

Map: the_Rooms
Creators: colbycoded
- Minecraft 1.15.2+ [best played on 1.15.2]
- Render Distance: Minimum 10 Chunks
- Particles: ALL
- Clouds: OFF
- 1 player
- 64-bit Java
- Brightness: BRIGHT
- Music: OFF
- GUI Scale: 2
- 4GB or higher allocated to Minecraft

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