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I Would Run



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I Would Run

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Welcome to I Would Run. The world is in danger and it's up to you to collect the 3 Dimensional Crystals and stop the Rot from spreading.

Heavily tested, the map is as hard as I could possibly make it, with frequent quads, corner jumps and other ludicrously hard jumps.

With our built in checkpoints never worry about loosing too much progress, although they aren't spaced as frequently as you might like.

You'll have to take your time and be careful, but don't be too slow! You only have 1 hour to successfully complete the map and save the world.

We are depending on you, don't fail us. The world needs you.




Gold blocks act as auto checkpoints. Every time you step on one your exact position is saved. These have been placed throughout the map where it was seen fit. You can unlock the next level by finding its portal. Once you pass the Nether Portal in the Overworld the Nether level is unlocked, etc. You can use the Carrot on a Stick in your inventory to get back to the lobby at any time by simply right clicking. Be warned however, that when re-entering the level by use of the button you will be spawned back at the beginning. In the Nether and Overworld levels, simply step on a Coarse Dirt or fall into the lava to return to your last checkpoint. There are no "checkpoints" in the End however so it is not recommended you use this feature there. The End level has no checkpoints per se(as mentioned above) however the level is designed to have built in checkpoints so don't worry. You have 1 hour to complete the map and your time is displayed in the action bar. When the time runs out a title is simply displayed telling you that you have lost, however you may continue the play the map if you wish as nothing really changes. It was set up as more of an additional challenge than anything else. When you complete a level there is always a floating gem. Don't expect to actual pick it up and don't freak out when you get teleported to the lobby without it




This map was originally intended to be more of an adventure parkour map than it is at the moment so somethings may seem a little odd or like there's something missing. Don't worry about this, everything is working as intended. Just treat the map like an average parkour map. I've spent over a year working on this map so some sections were added later. This may cause a slight disruption in the flow of the map and if it does I apologize. Anyway, I hope you enjoy the map, and congratulations for reading through all that if you did! e

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