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Disorienting Halls



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Disorienting Halls

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About a month ago, I published the world's largest published minecraft maze, Warped Trails. At the end of the map, I informed those who completed the map without cheating that if they contact me over discord with a certain codeword, I would build them a custom minecraft maze. Seven people completed the map, and seven mazes were made. This map is a compilation of these mazes.


In terms of rules, there are only a couple: don't cheat, and link the map in the description if you're recording! Do this, and you'll be fine! Oh, and I don't consider jumping or f5 to be cheating, so don't worry about that! Also, the map is multiplayer-compatible, and there are no specific settings you need to load!


Below, I have included information about each of the mazes.

First Maze


User name: DarkLavaWolf_
Maze name: Of Magma and Planks

Maze guidelines: "idk a single thing about "types of mazes" so just make wutever u want the theme for the maze can go with my name"

Second Maze

User name: Mr_Gray_Die_Katze
Maze name: Of Sections and Novelty
Maze guidelines: "a maze of only 1.16 blocks, catch is you have to use every one in making the maze"

Third Maze
User name: ʕ•ᴥ•ʔ
Maze name: Of Gloom and Ruins
Maze guidelines: "im not very creative XD surprise me?"

Fourth Maze
User name: alexvr19
Maze name: Of Coral and Light
Maze guidelines: "so here's what I'm thinking: the first layer of wall could be the different colored corals with sea lanterns on top, and the walkways could be cyan glass because why not"

Fifth Maze
User name: SimplePiMan
Maze name: Of Levers and Tracks
Maze guidelines: "not sure if this is possible, but consider a maze where the path is minecart tracks, and there are a bunch of switches you have to flip to make it so you can ride the cart from start to finish, if you hit a dead end you have to go back to the start"

Sixth Maze
User name: Algernonian
Maze name: Of Owls and Pixels
Maze guidelines: "i would say to make a map. i mean a maze. thats pixel art. like make the art then put the walls"

Seventh Maze
User name: yoloboi8
Maze name: Of Patriotism and Difficulty
Maze guidelines: ":O i want the flag one one, i forgot the name. the red white and blue one. but bigger"

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