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On Mazes and the IB Diploma Program



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On Mazes and the IB Diploma Program

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This map is serious.

The story I tell within is 100% true.

The message is one I wholeheartedly believe, and is one I would like to share.

However, it does touch upon some rather serious topics.

With all that aside, I can talk about the map itself! It is about my experience with the IB Diploma Program, and is a story told in map form. It is a direct message to all who may potentially take it in the future, and merely a good story for those who do not. Because I am a maker of mazes, it is a maze map. In this, I will take you through the past 2 years of my life, with a maze representative of each season from Spring of 2019 to Winter of 2021.

I mentioned earlier that this map touches upon some serious topics. If you are sensitive to that kind of content, I would advise you not play this map. IB is a program that causes great distress in its students, and I address this in my map.

At this point, I'm sure you are wondering what exactly IB is. Well, in the map, I explain this, and I also link to their website, but on the off-chance that those measures aren't enough, I shall inform you here as well:

The IB Diploma Program is an optional program of studies for one's final two years of high school, offered around the globe. Upon completion, one will be awarded an extra diploma: the IB Diploma. Once you have made the decision to take IB, it will last from the Summer before junior year until Spring of your senior year. It is incredibly challenging and has many aspects that differentiate it from other Honors programs, such as AP or DE.

This map is about my experience with IB, from the time before I joined to right now. My goal is not to convince you to take IB, but to avoid it. IB is not worth taking, and it will leave you worse than before.

This map has a playtime of around 30 minutes in total, and supports as many players as you can imagine.

The only real rules to this map are to ensure your render distance is set to 20, that your particles are on minimal, not to cheat, and to have fun.

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