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Twisted Corridors



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Twisted Corridors

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Okay so what exactly is it?

It's a map made up of cool mazes I've made for others to go through! There's 8 mazes and each has a color to go with it! What's that? Do the colors have any significance? Nope! None whatsoever! They just look cool!


How many mazes are there?

Well, there's 8 available to you! There may or may not be four more, i aint sayin.


Is there a specific order I need to do them in?

Nope! You can do them in whatever order you feel like! If you plan on completionisting the map, I'd recommend going from easiest to hardest! If you aren't, and you're just planning on doing a few, then I'd say pick the ones that look most interesting to you! That, or you can ask me over discord which I'd recommend cus by golly gee, I've got some suggestions!


How will I know if I've already completed a maze?

Well, lucky for you and your pet goldfish brain, after each maze completed, a gold block appears above it in the lobby! It reminds you which ones you've done and gives you a nice little sense of pride and accomplishment!


How long will this take me?

Well that's the jolly good thing about solving a set of mazes, there are plenty of stopping points! After each one, in fact! Each should take around 3-15 minutes to solve, except for that one, for that maze, I ended up taking three gosh dern hours solving. You probably won't experience that difficulty though! It was a rather unique scenario.


Okay but what are we supposed to do while solving the mazes?

Why, solve them, of course! What's that? You find solving them somewhat boring? Well, surely you could have found a less blunt way to say that... Anyways, if you're doing the map alone, you could listen to an audiobook or a podcast or something. If you're doing it with a buddy, you can talk about stuff! Use this opportunity to learn more about each other! If you're recording that, passionately monologue about your interests! Here, have a cool little google doc filled with questions, in case you're having trouble coming up with stuff to talk about:


Hey can I record it?

Yo i think i mentioned recording it a couple times now, but in case you needed me to say it clearly: yes, you may absolutely record it. As always, please credit me, and if you'd be so kind, could you let me know when you post it? I don't need another heart attack searching for the map link to send to a friend, and finding a 5 minute-long video with no commentary of gameplay of my map. that was kinda terrifying.


So is that everything?

Yep that is! All the boring stuff is out of the way and you can get to enjoying the map! Have fun exploring these Twisted Corridors...

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