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Warped Trails



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Warped Trails

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Lets just say that Bending Passages is no longer the world's largest minecraft maze...

I mean, this one isn't either, but it's the largest published one! That I could find, at least. I know there's at least one that exists that's 4 times the size of this one, but its unpublished and sitting on a broken ps4, so it would be rather difficult to play. I originally intended to make this map even bigger than that one, but I realized that in order to do that, I would have to sacrifice the fun part of the maze, and that's a bit too big of a sacrifice, don't you think?


Just how big is this maze map, then?

In total, it's 500 x 500 cells! I didn't do anything insane that involves several calculations to get the exact number this time, so the final number is a nice, even 250000 cells! That's 155088 more cells than the last one! Well over twice the size!


That's pretty big! What all is special about this map?

Well, I'm glad you asked! This map has exactly ONE HUNDRED unique regions to it! And unlike Bending Passages, once you've finished with a region, you won't ever have to go back! Gotta get that sense of accomplishment, yknow? Not only that, but each of them has a cool and unique name that's displayed at the bottom of the screen!


Okay but is it multiplayer compatible? Can I record it?

Yes and yes! It's very much multiplayer compatible, you can have as many players as you want! The only drawback is that only the person closest to 0,0 gets to see the title of the region. And you can absolutely record it, so long as you link the map in the description! Or put the name of the map somewhere idk.

Are there any rules to follow?

Yes, and it is imperative that you do. Failure in doing so could result in getting the Bad Ending to the map. Creative mode, Spectator mode, and teleportation ahead will all result in this, so don't do it. Also, the most important rule: Have fun!! Why play the map if you aren't having fun?

Alright! Enjoy the map!

Have a good time making your way up these winding trails!

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