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Winding Lanes



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Winding Lanes

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I Highly Recommend You Read This Description


See, this map has a rather cruel villain, and you'll need everything you can get to survive. This is no ordinary villain, seeking destruction intentionally, or even talking at all. No, this villain is my awful map-making skills from 2 years ago. This is a more polished version of the first map I published, restructured with the intent of easing the pain of anyone who plays it.


The basic premise of the map is that there is one giant maze, with portals to separate mazes within it. One must complete the first maze before being able to travel through the first door, beyond which is the second maze, which one must complete before traveling through the second door, and so on and so forth. There are 12 mazes in total, not including the hub maze (dubbed "seizure subway" by my friend because of its awful color scheme), and they increase in difficulty as the map goes on. For the sake of convenience, I have added buttons which teleport you to the gateways for each maze, which you can unlock as soon as you complete that level. These may not seem that handy early on, but rest assured they become helpful towards the later stages of the map.


Speaking of helpful stuff, I suppose it's about time to give you some tips on how to survive this map, from both a map-creator and a map-solver's standpoint!

- In the hub maze, left tends to be a better choice than right.

- Take breaks! Trying to finish this all in one sitting is not a wise idea.

- You can't die by fire, lava, drowning, or fall damage, so don't worry about that!

- Use the cyan button at spawn after completing Vile Village, it takes you to right where you want to go.
- Once you've unlocked the magenta button, that one will be your best bet for the next few mazes.
- The red door is past the purple door. I spent forever searching for that thing.
- In my opinion, the last maze is the best maze. If you just want to skip to that one, teleport to 330 5 800
- Return to spawn at any time by teleporting to 966 5 728

In terms of rules, all you need to do is set render distance to 20+, set particles to minimal, and graphics to fast. Also, if you're recording, please link the map in the description! Oh, and don't cheat (unless you need to!)

I wish you the absolute best of luck in making your way through these Winding Lanes!

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