More Advancements: Achievements from the Bedrock Edition in Java Edition



This datapack adds the 80 achievements that are unique to the Bedrock Edition to the Java Edition.

Known problems:

  • If a location advancement isn't triggering (like "Ahoy" at underwater ruins) I can't do anything against that unfortunately.
  • You probably will have to find another one to trigger the advancement.The Riptide trident advancement does not work in creative.
  • Some of the advancements use player heads for the icons, so if it lags sometime when you open the bedrock advancement tab you know why.


Installation instructions:
Download the and put it in the "datapacks" folder of your world (if there is no datapacks folder in your world, create one and put it in). Do NOT unzip it.

If there are any problems (advancements (not) triggering when they should (not) etc.) please feel free to comment below or message me directly.

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