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Scorch - Demo



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Scorch - Demo

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Story:As part of the Ranger Federation, you're sent out to explore a recently discovered continent known as Cimmeria. While Cimmeria remains unexplored by humans, it is inhabited by dangerous predators that have evolved to defend their territory. Your mission is to eliminate any threats for the future civilians of Cimmeria. During the exploration, however, it slowly becomes apparent that the current predators of Cimmeria might not have been the first lifeforms to set foot on this continent.

About the map:This is a technical demo lasting at least an hour, but depending on your exploration and hunting activities, it might take up to three hours or more. Scorch is an action RPG within the hunting genre where you will fight monsters, defeat them, and craft better armor and weapons from their materials. This progression will allow you to challenge even larger and more dangerous monsters while following a story that unveils the history of Cimmeria and the conflicts that arise.

The map has been designed to support both single-player and multiplayer modes for up to four players. The more players you have, the higher the health of the monsters, but the rewards for defeating them also increase. It is optimized for version 1.20.4, so ensure you play it on this version to avoid weird animation bugs that might worsen your experience.


  • 1 to over 3 hours of gameplay, based on exploration and monster encounters.
  • 4 large monsters featuring custom models and animations.
  • 2 small monsters with unique models.
  • One completed area divided into three sub-areas containing monsters and resources.
  • 20+ custom weapons with unique 3D models.
  • 4 weapon types - Sword and Shield, Dual Daggers, Greatsword, and Hammer, each with distinct damage, attack speed, and stun potential (known as a crush meter).
  • 4 custom armor sets based on the four large monsters, featuring custom textures.
  • Custom combat system.
  • Boss fights.
  • Harvestable resources.
  • Two unfinished areas that can be explored.

Settings and Rules:

  • The map includes custom music composed for the experience, feel free to adjust the volume to your preference.
  • Play in adventure mode.
  • Avoid cheating or using commands excessively, as the map heavily relies on commands and may malfunction.
  • Use the resource pack, even in multiplayer (included in the world!).
  • Ensure everyone playing in multiplayer has OP permissions.

Links:Here's a Discord channel for updates about the map:

I'd love to hear from you! Here are some polls: Favorite Monster:

Favorite Fight:

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