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Survival Academy



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Survival Academy

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map information

Do you desire a map featuring an escape, a boss to battle, parkour, and other features? This map is intended for you. This will put your memory to the test. Can you recall all that you see?
If you are the person with a decent intellect to work with on this map. This map is intended for you.

Hello and welcome to Survival Academy. This map will teach you things you've never done before. You will assist everyone on this map. The nether is not the same, and neither is the end. You will be fighting. This is a squeal to Can you survive this?.

what changes from the last map?

Summon book is removed.

the end and nether have something to do now.

got rid of the mining site. the mining site took too long to complete. There is a platform for ore and easy to get to now.

comment from my last map. (I am listing to you people}

a person is named. we don't there name and never will.

This map is decent. I feel like towards the end it gets really annoying and this is why it took me 5 hours to complete. The mining site was really big and took way too much time. The map has many bugs and the nether isn't really fun because it is literally just the nether which I think is just really boring. There are some fun parts but you really need to put more barrier blocks because anyone can just break the Redstone outside of the map. Most of the time I had fun but it got super boring towards the end. I get the map is supposed to be challenging so it isn't a big deal but it was a really big bummer that the nether and the end were just... the nether and the end. I wish there was something more to it. Otherwise, it is really nice.

map creator response
do not worry I fix it. you cannot break my Redstone now. the end and nether have a thing now.

Moist Aqua

How are you able to get iron to make buckets, iron ore, and an iron pickaxe to mine the gold, red stone, diamond, and emerald? There were four in the mine to create the ore but I need more to make other things and I can't find anything

map creator response

you do not have to worry about that anymore. make the ore still but there is extra ore this time.

thank these people for their comments and help me with ideas for this map.

problem figure out the code

Order from the farmer list book is the code. The sequence is taken from the book.

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