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Border Blast Enhanced



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Border Blast Enhanced

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Border Blast Enhanced is an Outrun map. The premise of an Outrun map is that you're to simply get from the starting point to the ending point before something else does. This particular Outrun map is divided into three sections. The first Section is Parkour, the next is X-Run, and the final section is Elytra. If you are unfamiliar with any of these three, worry not, there is a summary of what you can expect to see in those sections immediately before them.


There are five world border speed settings that you can choose from before starting the game:

1. Practice (The world border is disabled in this mode)

2. Calm (The slowest setting)

3. Casual (The recommended setting)

4. Hard (This setting unlocks after beating the game 3 times in any difficulty)

5. Expert (This setting unlocks after finding a hidden sign in the game's lobby)


NOTICE: Upon starting the game, you may have to press START twice for the game to actually start. Work is being done to prevent this from ever needing to happen but in the meantime please press START a second time if the game mis-launches.


I expect the average player to spend less than 30 minutes playing this game. Unless you're playing in Practice Mode, your attempts at the course shouldn't exceed 6 minutes. It is designed for Multiplayer play, however, if you choose to play in single-player the map will still work! When playing in a single-player you'll even receive an item in-game to restart the game immediately versus having to wait to die and select start in the lobby.


For YouTubers: This map was made with you in mind. You can challenge your viewers to get a better time than you or see if they can find shortcuts that you weren't able to. If you're recording with friends, you'll be notified in chat when they reach certain sections of the game and when they are eliminated... creating all sorts of competitive tension.


Border Blast Enhanced has been in the works off and on for four years. I (Sparkour) could not have gotten it to the point of completion today if it were not for the help of these testers:

AshFaye13, Idunnoman1, Uberepicpies, c_t_l, Cooly1234, Deddsos, Dizzy_damp, DutchMC, JevinLevin, JoshStone123, marhjo, Miestrode, Mrinin_, PrimeOfficial, RedDemptr, TheGreenPotato, wraith_54321, iWacky, the Corn Cult, snow_cloud, autumnrose421, and... we'll call the last guy "Sauce" as his username is inappropriate.


Border Blast Enhanced was also made possible by:

StickyPiston Hosting, the Minecraft Map Testing discord, KobeGames, and ShanePlayzGames.

Copyright © 

Spark Games

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