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The Caves of The Quiz: Season 1



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The Caves of The Quiz: Season 1

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Welcome to The Caves of The Quiz: Season 1


[!!] Please report any bugs you encounter in this map!

The Caves of The Quiz: Season 1 is a standalone version of the minigame from Season 1 of the Minecraft Gameshow, The Quiz LIVE.

In TCoTQ (The Caves of The Quiz), players are challenged to beat the course in 8 minutes or less. There are many traps that will slow you down. If you die, it's back to the beginning!

There have been some changes made from the show version to work as a standalone version.


Standalone Changes:


  • Question Mode (2+ players): Off by default. When turned on, one player will need to go through an Iron Door in the lobby area, whilst the other players will go through the main iron gate as normal. The player who goes through the Iron Door will be responsible for asking questions and opening the next sections of the course. Questions should be asked when the runner reaches the cobblestone walls separating each part of the course. Once the game starts, the player who everted the Iron Door will be teleported to rooms where they can see the players when they are at question zones. If the player running the course gets a question right, press the button to unlock the next section of the map for the runner.


  • Practice Mode (1+ players): On by default. Activated by turning Question mode off. Question gates will open automatically when you get close to them. You don't need to ask questions for the gates to unlock and can play this mode by yourself or with a friend.


Important information:


  • Do NOT leave the game whilst someone is running the course. If you need to leave, make your way to the end end of the course (repeat if people are waiting) until the game ends. Then you can leave the game.
  • This map is made for Minecraft Java Edition 1.18.2. It is not compatible with Bedrock.
  • The map can be played with 1-7 players. (2+ Players are required for the Question Mode)
  • If you make a video on this map, please give credit where credit is due!


About The Quiz LIVE:


The Quiz LIVE is a Minecraft Quiz/Game Show hosted by TheHappywheels1 on the occasional Saturday at 3pm (UK). Follow the shoiw on Twitter, or join our Discord Server to stay up to date on show dates and announcements! Alternatively, check out our website! As of May 2022, The Quiz LIVE is part of WraithStation.

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