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Welcome to the Dreamworld



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Welcome to the Dreamworld

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Our map “Welcome to the Dreamworld” is heavily inspired by the MV(Music Video) sets of the first-ever K-pop rock girl group, Dreamcatcher.

The map’s story starts using Dreamcatcher’s debut song "Chase Me" (2017) and concludes with their first game collaboration song "Deja-Vu" (2019).

You don't have to watch the MVs before playing this map; the map was designed for everyone to play. If you're not familiar with Dreamcatcher or their songs, we recommend you check out their MVs after completing the map. With our several sets and soundtracks, paired with boss fights and puzzles, we are confident that you’ll enjoy this map. If you enjoy playing this map, we would appreciate it if you guys can share this with your friends and any Insomnia (Dreamcatcher fans) that you may know. If you share this map on social media, please be sure to credit us. If you’d like to record yourself playing through this map, we don’t mind so long you link the map for your viewers to download. Please give us feedback on what you think of the map, this would help us to improve and make better maps in the future.

Gameplay Duration: Around 1 hour long

Resource Pack is included in the download file

Instructions on how to install in the resource packs:


Instructions on how to install in the data pack:


Instructions on how to install in the map:


Recommended shaders: BSL Shaders

Instructions on how to download and install in BSL Shaders:


Rules & Instructions:

  • Once you load into the game, open the game menu, select "Open to LAN", turn on "Allow Cheats", then select "Start LAN World". This is needed for clickable commands to work.
  • Must be played in Adventure Mode
  • Required to have both texture and sound resource pack on. Shader Packs are optional but highly recommended.
  • Must be played in Vanilla 1.16.1 Java Edition
  • Must have the chat be visible
  • Must follow instructions in the chat
  • Can be played in singleplayer or multiplayer
  • If sharing this with anyone, please credit us.
  • If recording yourself playing this map, please link this map for your viewers to check out.
  • Have fun and try not to "Scream"

Soundtrack(All are arranged in note blocks):

  1. Chase Me - Dreamcatcher
  2. Good Night - Dreamcatcher
  3. Fly High - Dreamcatcher
  4. You and I - Dreamcatcher
  5. What - Dreamcatcher
  6. Piri - Dreamcatcher
  7. Deja Vu - Dreamcatcher
  8. Silent Night - Dreamcatcher

Thank You!

Map Creator: Zhi_K and jessipooo

Editor: Quift

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