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Lots of stuff has been going on lately so I'm very sorry that I haven't been able to update the site as much as I might like. Hopefully you guys enjoy this latest update that should improve load times and lead to an overall better experience eventually :p.


- The homepage has been updated with all new custom slideshows. Unfortunately these are not quite as powerful as the Wix provided ones, but they should load much faster and allow me a little more customization

- I will be continue to tweak the slideshows over the coming days so sorry if they change too much lol


- The menu bar has been reduced in size and is now left aligned

- The login bar is now actually part of the menu bar

- The discord button has been shrunk slightly


- Apologies all my mobile friends as I often forget to update the site so it actually functions for you :p. The latest update should fix all the broken stuff on the homepage and allow for more seamless browsing once again

- I am sure other pages are currently broken on mobile and will do my best to make them at least somewhat work. Obviously it's not my priority but I would like you guys to at least be able to check your map stats or comments from your phone


- I am working on returning user profiles to the site, as Wix has added more functionality to their built in members system. Unfortunately it was impossible to add all the necessary functions to the custom system I built so hopefully these new updates to the built in system will let me do what I want. Either way your member profile (that's the one at https://www.mccreations.net/profile/USERNAME/profile) should be back to looking like an actual profile and I will continue attempting to add more functionality in the coming days

There have been other small changes and optimizations made to the site over the last couple of months but I honestly can't remember them. Just trust me though! Hopefully I can continue providing you guys with the most creator focused Minecraft Map site possible!

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