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This is certainly a bit of a late blog post but uh, pretend everything just changed and the site hasn't been totally different for a while now. Anyway today we've got mostly aesthetic changes but there are also a couple of feature like things.

New Design!

To start off with, you may have noticed a whole new color theme for the site! That's pretty cool isn't it!

The brand new homepage! Now featuring a very neat undersea blue look!

And unlike somethings I make sometimes, this design has been applied to every single page on the site (even some you don't have access too ;) )! Let me know what you think about it!

Updated Content Cards

The design of content cards has been tweaked slightly

  • They now feature a full border around the image

  • More information is now shown on hover, and in a more verbose way

  • Hover now happens when hovering over the entire box not just the image

Wow look at all that info!

Content Pages

Viewing pages on mobile no longer displays the incorrect number of downloads, likes and version, although mobile is still not idea ('m very sorry about that)

Oh wow I touched the mobile site no way!

Views and downloads have been moved to a cookie based system, meaning counts should be a lot more accurate and spamming the download button no longer racks up downloads.


Whenever a new map is published a message is sent to the discord! Wow! Be sure to get the Map Notifications role if you want to receive those!


You may have noticed that there are some ads on the site now. Or you may not have because they're pretty hidden away. Anyway, this was mostly just testing and in general I really hate the way they look on the site so I don't plan on adding any more. It's likely that even the ones already there will disappear honestly.


Well that about wraps up this post. Thanks for putting up with my insane delay here and also my constant experimentation on the site. It wouldn't be what it is without you guys!

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