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Content Cleanup!

Well well well another update and so soon after the last one. We must be on a roll! Also no that title doesn't mean I'm deleting any content don't worry about that. Today we've got a fun little re-code of content pages as well as some fixes and tweaks to comments and an all new global search!

Content Pages
New Henzoid Anyone?

If the creator name you submit as matches your username, the profile picture that appears now matches the one you can upload and change in the members area. Previously this was set to an internal profile picture that is only set when the account is created

Look at them spread their wings!

Multiple creators has been consolidated a touch. When there are 2 or more creators they now use more of the available space.

Code for the content pages has been completely rewritten which should allow for a faster and smoother update experience in the future


Comments now feature a slightly updated design

Liking comments is no longer available for the time being

Comments submitted with an account will now display that accounts profile photo

New system for replies, which is a little less janky although possibly less obvious

Unfortunately to accommodate these changes, all previous comments needed to be removed :(


Now that's a pretty header

MCCreations now features a global search that can be accessed from any page by clicking the search icon

Maps and Datapacks on the same page!? Impossible!

Searching will bring up maps, datapacks and resourcepacks

Mmm look at all those mazes

Reminder that you can search not just for map titles, but also creators or tags!


And that's all for today! Thank you all once again for continuing to put up with my constant changes and updates to the site! See you again soon!

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