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Dashboard... Smashboard?

Hey hey hey! It's that amazing time of year again where your totally favorite map hosting site gets an update! Totally not like these things happen more than once a year. Anyway, as with the spirit of the last couple of blog posts today I've got a good amount of quality of life features to bring to y'all

User Dashboard

- As promised in the last blog post, the dashboard has now been updated with an all new design and a ton more features

- The dashboard now features more pieces of content per page so you don't have to go spamming that next page button

- You can now view Visibility, Uploaded Date, Downloads, Comments and Likes from the dashboard page (yay!)

- You can now go directly to the live content page from the dashboard

- You can now delete your own pieces of content (whoo hooo, please don't though :p)


- Image and thumbnail uploading has been fixed and completely re-written (thanks Henzoid!)

- A spinning icon has been added to the upload buttons to show when uploads are in progress

- The Multi-Image system has been refined a little bit, with redesigned delete buttons and some backend touches

- Pressing Update, or Save, at the bottom now shows a spinning icon akin to the one on the submit page


- Image and thumbnail uploading has also been updated here to match Wix's new API guidelines

Browse Pages

- Searching and saving searches using queries in the URL has finally been fixed! (I don't think it ever worked tbh)


- It's been made more clear that Lapis is a donation to the site, not something needed to access any important features

- You can now make one time donations of any amount from $1-25

Thank you guys so much more your continued support with my fun little community project. I want to make it clear that if there is ever anything you want, or any issue you spot that you want fixed please do not hesitate to reach out to me and I'll do everything I can to help you. This site is for y'all after all!

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