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The Search Update

Whoooaa it's sure been a while. Sorry about that! Anyway time to talk about MCCreations newest exciting update!

Browse Pages

  • Browse pages have been totally remade (although they may look pretty similar)

  • Search now searches not just title but tags as well! Want to find multiplayer maps? Just search multiplayer!

  • You can now apply filters to your search. Currently you can only filter by version tho

  • You can now sort your search by Uploaded Date (default), Updated Date, Downloads and Likes!

In other news I'm still working hard to bring you guys Lapis and other ways to monetize your content without ads. Wix isn't really made for the way I want to lay things out so it's a bit tough but I'm getting there!

I've also got a few other features I want to bring to the site but I'm not sure if I can implement them so no promises :p

Once again I'm sorry that I nothing really happened on the site for a while there. Should be getting back into the swing of things soon :)

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