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Versions Unite!

Updated: Jun 30, 2022

Well it certainly has been a while since the last update haha. Today I'm excited to announce one big new feature and a couple of smaller updates


- The latest content and updated content sliders now show what version the map is when hovering over them

- Reduced the 'size' of the featured map text so it's less likely to be hovered over and break the animation


- Join discord banner has been removed

- Individual menu items are now slightly smaller


- Datapacks now support entering categories on submission

- You can now sort Datapacks by category on the Datapacks page

- Refactoring of some internal functions to make further expansion easier

Map Pages

- The like, tip and download buttons have been moved up to the maps title

- More room for individual creators when displaying multiple creators

- Related Content title is now hidden when there is no related content to show

- Map images slideshow has a slightly tweak design


- The submission form has been somewhat redesigned to more closely match the rest of the site (no more blue borders!)

- Tipping is now correctly disabled for accounts that do not have Lapis (Sorry!)

Other News

- I'm starting to try and keep our Twitter more active so I guess look out for that

As usual I feel like I'm forgetting something, and as usual I'll probably change something else like minutes after this update comes up, but yea that's some of the most significant changes made to MCCreations in the past 5ish months. Enjoy!

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