Before you can submit your map, it's important for you to read over these guidelines

Before you can start the process of submitting your map it's important that we go over the rules for the site and how you should prepare your map for submission. Let's begin with rules

  1. The piece of content you are uploading must be created by you, or you must have explicit permission from the creator to upload their content.

  2. The piece of content shall not contain any stolen assets or any other form of content taken from something else directly without the original creators permission

  3. The content must basically function (spawn in the correct gamemode, in the right place etc.)

  4. The content must not be grossly offensive or disturbing

MCCreations reserves the right to remove any content that we feel does not belong on the site.


Now let's move on to the actual process of submitting! Before you can start filling out the form below you're going to need these few things:

  1. A title

  2. A logo or screenshot

  3. Your map file uploaded to a file hosting service

Great! Now lets get to filling out that form!

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