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Get Drafted!

Hey hey it's time for another update and so soon after the last one too! I've got one fun new feature for y'all today as well as some fixes that really should have been done a long time ago!


- Instead of immediately submitting a map you can now save it as a draft! This allows you to create the actual post for a map before you're ready to publish, or just save your work part way through.

- There is now a progress bar on top of the submission form to give you a general idea of how much work is left

- A loading icon now appears next to the submit button when clicked to let you know that, yes, stuff is happening

- Once a map is submitted I get an email so approval times should be even faster in most cases


- For now, drafted maps appear alongside regular maps in the edit content section of your account. The next update will most likely be a dashboard overhaul that will make it more clear which maps are in draft and which are published

- The update form as been updated to match the design of the submit form

- Content images are now correctly loaded into the update form

- You can now set any previously published map as draft

- If a map is in draft you can publish it

- After updating maps need to be re-approved. I'm unsure if I'll keep this change.

Well I guess this was the more changes I was talking about in the last update haha. Starting soon hopefully I'd like to begin reaching out to y'all to get your opinions on MCCreations and what I can do to make the site more appealing. I know I'm not really great about communicating with the community so I'd like to change that! Hopefully you guys enjoy this update!

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