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Updated: Mar 17, 2021

Check back on this post cause it'll be updated every time we change something! Feel free to leave opinions in the comments.

Latest Updates:

  • Changed default logo image on submission page to a default image, not one of my maps

  • Added default image for image gallery so you no longer see a gray box

  • Reconnected broken connects on the the update page

  • New Square Logo

Old updates:

  • You can now change the title of your images when submitted (this is what appears when hovering over the gallery)

  • Improved phone homepage(although site is still not mobile compatible)

  • You can now suggest Categories on the submission page.

  • Categories will no longer appear on the submission page until you have selected a type

  • Upload and delete buttons on the submission page are now disabled until there is something to upload or delete

  • Download Button on content pages now direct downloads maps, clicking on the content itself will take you to its page.

  • Improved search no longer shows content that is not of the same type (Datapacks appearing on the maps page etc.)

  • You can now search for maps in a specific version

  • Selecting all in the categories dropdown will now no longer also cause the page to show the other two types of content

  • If a submission has no images the image gallery will no longer display at the bottom.

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